The State Court, the District of Bratislava gave a verdict on a monstre-proces with Titus Zeman and his nineteen companions on 22 February 1952.

The list of condemned and the extent of the punishment:

Titus Zeman, Salesian-priest, 25 years

František Buzek, 18 years
Ferdinand Totka, 22 years
Justín Beňuška, priest, 21 years
Viliam Mitošinka, priest, 20 years
Emil Šafár, priest, 14 years
Leonard Tikl, Salesian-priest, 15 years
Anton Semeš, Salesian-cleric, 14 years
Štefan Sandtner, Salesian-priest, 15 years
Jozef Paulík, Salesian-priest, 14 years
Andrej Dermek, Salesian-priest, 14 years
Ján Brichta, Salesian-cleric, 15 years
Anton Srholec, Salesian-cleric, 12 years
František Minarových, priest, 14 years
Jozef Bazala, Salesian-cleric, 12 years
Pavol Pobiecky, Salesian-priest, 13 years
Ladislav Burián, priest, 2 years
Margita Luptáková, 12 years
Augustín Hercog, 14 years
Anton Kyselý, Salesian-cleric, 12 years

Later on, next court hearings took places. That concerned the other people that were in contact with Titus Zeman. The following were among the condemned:

Jozef Bokor SDB, at that time a Provincial for the Slovak Salesians
Alfonz Paulen, dioceses priest, Titus was a chaplain under his leadership
Viliam Vagač, the priest in the State hospital at Mickiewiczová Street in Bratislava. The refugees used to meet at his place before their departure.