We are looking forward to meet you during the weekend of the beatification of Titus Zeman in Bratislava from 29th September to 1st October 2017.



Safety and organisation is handled by a team of Salesians of don Bosco and the archdiocese of Bratislava. We kindly ask you to respect the instructions of safety service, organizer and of police forces. It is prohibited to take any objects endangering safety of people coming to the area of the main programme. We appreciate the work of our volunteers helping us to prepare the whole event. Do not hesitate do ask them for any information or help. Also, we would like to ask you to respect their instructions.
Please, do not bring any flags, posters or other printed material promoting movements or political parties, due to the dignity of the programme and its spiritual and liturgical character.


Maps of the event´s  key spots and area maps will be uploaded soon.


If you are considering as an organised group to use bus transport, please inform us. It will enable us to offer you better comfort because of the organisational reasons. The registration of buses will begin soon.


Unfortunately, there is no possibility for organisers to provide any accommodation for public coming to the event of beatification.


By using public transport in Bratislava, please find information on how to get to the main area of the event:

Friday (29th September 2017)

20:00 The Vigil, St. Martin´s Cathedral, Bratislava

LOCAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT (in Slovak MHD – Mestská hromadná doprava) – we recommend to get off at the “Most SNP” stop (The Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising).  Trams No. 4 and 6 and buses No. 28, 29, 30, 37, 50, 70, 88, 91, 133, 191, and 901 have a stop there.

The organizer does not provide any parking areas near the St. Martin´s Cathedral.

Saturday 30th September 2017

9.30 programme before Beatification – Bratislava – Petržalka, the Holy Family Church

10.30 the Pontifical High Mass of the Beatification, Bratislava – Petržalka, the Holy Family Church

We ask Bratislava citizens to use the local public transport instead of their cars to get to the Church area. We suggest to get off on the bus stop “Topoľčianska”. Buses No. 92, 95, 97, 99, and 192 have a stop there. The second possibility is to get off on the bus stop “Technopol”. Buses No. 83, 92, 95, 97, 98, 99, and 192 have a stop there.

Parking areas for cars and buses: OC Danubia (Panónska cesta 38/A) and OC Tesco Extra (Panónska cesta 25). Both parking areas are walking distance from the place of the beatification. More information will be released in the second half of September 2017.

The Tupolevova Street, a part of the Iljušinova Street and the Pajštúnska Street ( fromJantárová cesta up to the crossroad with Jirásková) will be closed on 30th September 2017 due to the beatification.

16.00 the Ceremony after the beatification of Fr Titus Zeman “I stepped over the boundary line” HANT Arena, Bratislava

Local public transport – we suggest to get off on the bus stop “Bajkalská”. Buses No. 39, 53, 61, 63, 74, 75, 78, 98 and trolleybuses No. 204 and 205 have a stop there.

The organiser does not provide any parking areas near the HANT Arena.

The entry to HANT Arena is possible only with a valid ticket. You can find information about tickets below in the section Tickets.

Sunday 1st October 2017

10.30 Holy Mass – a thanksgiving for the beatification – Vajnory, Titus Zeman Square

Local Public Transport – we suggest to get off on the bus stop “Miestny úrad Vajnory” (MiÚ Vajnory). Buses No. 53 and 153 have a stop there.

We will provide more information about parking areas in Vajnory during September on this website.


The entry for the Friday Vigil, the Pontifical High Mass on Saturday, and Holy Mass as thanksgiving on Sunday is FREE.

The entry for the ceremony in HANT Arena is possible only with a valid ticket. Children under 6 years have entry for free. Children under 12 years  can attend the event only when accompanied by an older person. It will be possible to buy tickets for the event on the website of Ticketportal (www.ticketportal.sk) – information will be released in the beginning of September. It will not be possible to buy any tickets in front of the Arena before the event.


The Info Point will be in the area of the Pontifical High Mass of the Beatification. The Telephone help Line will be at your disposal nonstop from Thursday 28th September 2017 until Sunday 1st October 2017. The telephone number will be made public during the second half of September.


Parking areas for disabled persons (please, bring your card to show the organizers to allow you to enter the areas) will be provided near the Holy Family Church. Parking places for vehicles with a sign of disabled person will be provided on the Iljušinova Street (near the nursery school). You will be able to drive into the area only from Jiráskova Street, not from the Church area. Please, beware, that the number of parking places is limited. In case of fulfilling the capacity, vehicles will be able only to stop for a short time to allow the disabled person to get out or in the vehicle). These vehicles will not be able to park on Iljušinova Street.


There will be a cistern with drinking water within the area. However, we suggest to everyone to bring enough water for themselves.


Medical service will be provided by Ambulances. Also there will be medical assistance provided by volunteers. In case of any health problems, contact the nearest organiser, security guard, or policeman. The places providing first aid will be noticeably marked within the area. They will also be marked on maps.


Any use of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or smoking is strongly prohibited in the area where the programme of the beatification will take place.


The organising of such event is demanding in all spheres, including finances. The organiser would be very glad if you decided to support it on the bank account SK31 5200 0000 0000 1718 7510. You can also support us through our website – please, see the section DONATE. Thank you very much.


To monitor or record any part of the main Pontifical High Mass of the Beatification on 30th September 2017 (Saturday) it is necessary to be accredited. The accreditation is provided by the editorial of the Press Office of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia.

It is necessary to ask for the accreditation until 26th September 2017 (Tuesday) 12:00 via e-mail address lipiak@kbs.sk (Michal Lipiak, responsible for the media accreditation). After this deadline, it will not be possible to accept any request for the accreditation.

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Other information concerning the programme of the beatification is being prepared. We will update the info on this website soon.