On February 26, through the Vatican Secretary of State, the Apostolic Letter was delivered to the Postulator General of the Salesian Family,
Fr Pierluigi Cameroni.

The Apostolic Letter is the official document signed by Cardinal Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, and with the seal of the Supreme Pontiff Francesco (anulus piscatoris), confirming the successful beatification of Blessed Fr Titus Zeman, Salesian martyr, held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 30 September 2017, with Cardinal Angelo the papal Legate.

The letter contains brief biographical notes of the new blessed, his martyrdom, a brief summary of the canonical course of the Cause, including the date of the memorial liturgy, the place and the date of the beatification.

As an official and permanent memorial of the event in ecclesial life, which also involves juridical-canonical consequences, the Apostolic Letter is published in Acta Apostolicae Sedis, official commentary of the Apostolic See.

This document will be kept in the Archive of the General Postulation in Rome.